About "Renewable Resources" Consulting Innovation Center

"Renewable Resources" Consulting Innovation Center, Ltd was established in December 2007.

We work in close partnership with key national and regional agencies, in line with international initiatives concerned with environmental protection.

    Our key activities include:
  • - Designing and manufacturing autonomous heat generating equipment to replace coal-fired and gas-fired boilers;
  • - Developing waste recycling technologies, including the production and use of alternative fuels derived from renewable sources.

Modernization of existing coal-fired boilers
In 2008, together with our business partners, we designed, prototyped and set up a small-scale manufacturing facility to produce boiler attachment units for coal-fired boilers (Utility Model Patent No. 45516, of 10.11.2009). A boiler attachment unit consists of a receiving hopper with a built-in screw conveyor, a forced air blower, an electric gear motor, and an automatic control panel. This boiler attachment allowed us to modernize existing autonomous boiler plants, and to significantly reduce the costs of replacing coal with biomass fuel.

In 2011, we upgraded our boiler attachment unit by adding a grinder to grind biomass material to a smaller size range. The innovation has made it possible to combine the process of waste grinding with the process of automatic fuel supply (Utility Model Patent No. 75124, of 26.11.2012). This multi-fuel boiler attachment unit provides automatic fuel supply from the receiving hopper, including crushed fuel, pellets and fuel briquettes.

Modernization of existing gas boilers
The same approach – adding boiler attachment units to existing boilers – was implemented in modernizing gas boiler plants and transition to alternative fuels. For this purpose, we installed a pre-combustion chamber – a gas generator – in front of the boiler attachment unit to ensure the complete combustion of fuel and gases produced in combustion. The flame from the gas generator is directed to the hot water boiler plant, replacing the flame from the gas burner used before.

Production of biomass briquettes and briquetting lines
In 2008, we installed a briquette production line at "ZAVOD METALIST-SHABO” Plant to produce fuel briquettes from various types of biomass. Later, using our accumulated experience in briquetting sawdust, sunflower husk and shredded grapevine shoots we launched mass production of briquetting lines directly at the plant. In 2010, we installed and put into operation a line for biofuel production from pine tree bark in the premises of “PMK-225” company. This line produces dried wood chips packed in bags as well as bark briquettes. In 2013, we began studying the possibility of producing organic fertilizers from pine bark.

Electric Induction Heat Storage Boiler
Since 2008, we have been manufacturing electric induction heat storage boilers to replace autonomous coal-fired boilers and gas boilers. Such induction heat storage boilers can use electricity supplied at a cheaper night-time rate (from 11 pm to 6 am) and convert it into heat that can be used for heating during the daytime. Induction heat storage boilers provide high levels of economic efficiency and are particularly useful in premises where patterns of use vary during the day (Utility Model Patent No. 50057 of May 25, 2010). Induction heat storage boilers operate at 50 Hz industrial frequency and do not require high frequency conversion. That significantly reduces their cost and improves reliability. An induction heat storage boiler consists of a storage tank for the required volume of water, three induction coils, a control cabinet and is connected to the existing heating system.
The boiler is operated by a digital self-adaptive control system, a 3-way valve with stepless control, and devices for switching on/off inductors and the circulating pump.

Control parameters are as follows:
- the inside and outside temperature;
- inductor turn-on and turn-off controls;
- temperature of the heat carrier.

The control system’s adaptability lies in the microcontroller’s ability to change set temperature and time settings according to the actual data. The automatic equipment using communication network ensures the safe unmanned operation of the induction heat storage boiler.

Significant economic benefits
The replacement of solid fuel and gas heating systems with electric boilers – and induction heat storage boilers in particular – can provide significant economic benefits for the national budget, power and heat generating companies, private and institutional households in the following aspects:
A) On the national level – reducing the consumption of expensive imported natural gas;
B) Power and heat generating companies – reducing peak demand and unblocking pent-up capacities;
C) Regional energy supply companies – increased electricity consumption;
D) End-users – significant saving on heating costs.

Approval and Recognition
The possibility of application and environmental safety of our induction heat storage boilers have been recognized by Territorial Administration of Odessa Region State Inspectorate for Energy Conservation and by Space Research Institute of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences.

Current research areas
Currently, together with Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences, we conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the possibility of using calcium salts, sodium salts, and modified paraffins as heat storage materials.